• We aim to raise happy individuals who have basic knowledge, life skills, and tools that modern times demand, are at peace with themselves and their social environment, and adapt to innovations.

    Having an education in an environment where the child feels understood, trusted, and valued as an individual, ensures that their self-confidence is established on solid foundations. Our academic staff, educate with this main philosophy, love children, have high communication skills, are cheerful, compassionate, open to innovations, and dedicate themselves to raising good people.

    In our primary school, we apply education methods such as GEMS, Lego Education, and STEAM; Art & Creativity, Drama, Mind Games Studies, Chess, Philosophy, Fun Science, Destination Imagination in English. We create an environment where children grow up as curious individuals, ask questions, improve their thinking skills by experiencing and applying.

    Our teachers and guidance counselors carry out the program; we receive consultancy from leading psychologists. The program’s core principle is for children to understand their emotions and express themselves clearly and differently.

    Our academic staff and guidance counselors, who attend regular training on these subjects, conduct scientific tests on determining necessary skills for our students' age characteristics. To contribute to our students’ development, we share the results of these studies with our parents. These tests are conducted under the principle of confidentiality.

    We give importance to family-school communication; we organize parent training seminars to guide and act in parallel with families.